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Smart Home

The first step in automating your home is choosing the path that works for you.

Are you looking for a monitored whole-home solution that seamlessly combines home security and home automation under the control of one easy to use app, or would you like to just add a couple of smart components like a thermostat, lock, or cameras to your home?

Would you rather subscribe to a service with minimal up front cost and low monthly payments, or pay for your equipment up front with no long term commitments?

We're here to help and find what works best for your situation.



If paying for equipment up front or building your smart home system piece by piece seems a bit overwhelming, than Vivint may be the solution for you. Vivint is a subscription based all-in-one home security and automation solution that puts your entire system under one easy to use app. All of their products are designed to work together. You'll have a professionally monitored system for peace of mind.

Nest Ring Combined.png

Nest, Ring, Etc...

These products are the right choice for you if you want flexibility and freedom with your smart home ecosystem. Pay for your equipment up front and you have the choice to either self-monitor with no monthly fees or subscribe to a low cost monitoring service. With trusted brands like Google Nest, Amazon Ring, Apple, and countless others competing and innovating to create new automation solutions, the possibilities are truly endless.

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